What Happened to Hey Chickadee?

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What Happened to Hey Chickadee?

We are still the very same Hey Chickadee team that you know and love! Hey Chickadee has always been a division of Pusheen Corp, we've simply made it even more official with our new branding. Our warehouse and fulfillment center is still located in the heart of the Chicago area, and we will continue to offer worldwide shipping for our international customers.

We greatly appreciate all the continue support for Hey Chickadee from our fans and customers over the years and hope you continue to shop with us at Pusheen Shop for all of your Pusheen needs!

I placed an order on Hey Chickadee before it changed to Pusheen Shop, will I still receive my order?

All orders placed on Hey Chickadee will continue to be processed and shipped by Pusheen Shop as usual. Your order will be handled by the exact same team and you should continue to receive any regular email notifications.

Will my Hey Chickadee account work with Pusheen Shop or do I need to make a new one?

All previous Hey Chickadee accounts will continue to work as normal with the new Pusheen Shop website. You will not be required to update your email or password to continue using your account. Your Hey Chickadee purchase history and account information will remain in our system, which you can access through your Pusheen Shop account.

Please be aware that if you've placed an order with us before and have not already set up an account, you will still need to contact us to connect a new account to these orders or receive information about your previous orders.

Does this mean I can set up a Pusheen Box subscription with Pusheen Shop now?

No, Pusheen Shop is not affiliated with Pusheen Box and we cannot offer assistance with their services or packages received from a subscription. If you have any questions about Pusheen Box, please contact Pusheen Box directly for assistance.

I can't respond to a helpdesk ticket I received from Hey Chickadee!

Some previous tickets from our helpdesk may experience some difficulty sending responses to our inbox due to recent updates to our URL addresses. If you are running into this problem, simply go ahead and start a new ticket so we can continue to assist you.

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